Sicario First Trailer Shows Emily Blunt as Kickass Agent

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We all know that Dennis Villeneuve in the recent years has been making quite a name for himself, especially for making mature and dense works such as the famous Prisoners and 2010s Incendies. Now this year Dennis Villeneuve is back with what many are saying will be his best work to date. This new project is Sicario.

The movie is going to star British actress Emily Blunt as Kate Macer. Emily’s role is of an FBI agent who is basically brought to try to defuse the volatile drug war in Mexico before it erupts even further. In the movie she will end up on the wrong side of the Mexican border on a mission she doesn’t even fully understand and the movie builds up on this.

The first trailer of the movie has been released and from the looks of the trailer it seems that the movie will be just amazing. As Villeneuve is once again working with the incredible cinematographer Roger Deakins the visuals are going to be both gritty and beautiful. The action that can be seen in the trailer depicts that the movie will certainly be an instant hit with the action loving crowds. 

Coming to the rest of the cast, the movie will include Josh Brolin, Benicio Del Toro, Victor Garber, Jon Bernthal and Jeffery Donovan. Plus what the trailer depicts is that apart from Emily Blunt there will be no more female faces in the movie. Apart from this reports are pouring in from Cannes which state that Emily Blunt has done an awesome job in the leading role and the movie is incredibly enthralling.


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