E.L. James Releases 4th Fifty Shades of Grey Book

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Author of the hugely successful ‘Fifty Shades’ book trilogy has released a new fourth book in the series. The book entitled ‘Grey’ is a re-telling of the first novel ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ but from the perspective of the titular character Christian Grey.

On the 1st of June E.L. James had announced she will be releasing the new book fully titled ‘Grey: Fifty Shades of Grey as Told by Christian’. The novel ‘Grey’ was released on Thursday the 17th of June which is also the birthday of the main character Christian Grey. The books were released on the Kindle on Wednesday night before having hit the book stores coming morning of Thursday. 

The story follows Christian Grey a Billionaire tycoon who falls for the fresh graduate Anastasia Steele and the affairs that follows. The official UK Twitter page of Fifty Shades of Grey also announced the release of the book by stating Happy Grey day and sharing links for download from Kindle. 

Fans of the series were meanwhile extremely excited to have gotten their hands on the book through Kindle before the bookshops opened. Some fans even shared their happiness on the social media stating they will be reading the book as soon as it downloads.

Early reviews of the book have described it as a fresh take on the love story and the opposite of Vanilla. Fans in New Zealand had the honor of being able to download the book from Kindle before the entire world.  

E.L James will commemorate the release of the new book by signing copies at Barnes & Noble in New York on Thursday. If the response is any indication ‘Grey’ may well be on its way to become another best-seller for E.L James. 

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