Ian McKellen Plays An Old Sherlock Holmes

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British Actor Ian McKellen plays the role of Sherlock Holmes in a long list of actors. However the Sherlock played by the ‘X-Men’ and the ‘Lord of the Rings’ actor will be 93 years old. The film entitled ‘Mr. Holmes’ shows Sherlock Holmes as an elderly beekeeper having retired from solving cases.

Sherlock now lives at an isolated Sussex farm house with his housekeeper Mrs. Munro played by Laura Linney and her younger son Roger played by Milo Parker.  In the film Ian McKellen depicts a Sherlock who is quite old and has memory loss but is unable to let go of one last unsolved case which originally led to his retirement. 

Mr Holmes is due to be released in theaters in the coming week but a lot of people expecting to see the classical Sherlock being played by Robert Downey Jr. and Benedict Cumberbatch may be disappointed.

The Sherlock in the upcoming film never wore a deerstalker and preferred a cigar. The Sherlock seen in Mr Holmes never lived at 221 Baker Street but people may find him to be more invigorating than the younger versions portrayed in recent years on films and TV. 

While promoting the film Ian McKellen also spoke up about old age. According to Ian McKellen there is no warning about old age even though the signs are around us all our lives.

Speaking to ITV News, Sir Ian McKellen said: “My Sherlock Holmes never wore a deerstalker and much preferred a cigar and didn’t actually live at 221 Baker Street. Nobody warns you about old age. The signs have been around you all your life.

“You’ve known old people, you know your grandparents and others, and you see them decline and you see them die and you think ‘Oh yes that’s what happens to them’ and then your friends fall by the way side and that really brings it home and how do you cope with that.

“In my case with gratitude that I have all my faculties and determination to keep working as long I’ve got them because I enjoy it so much.”

McKellen then commented on how he gets to play a Holmes who is middle aged and old aged which makes the roles superior to the others. McKellen also shared how Holmes is now 93 years old but still not unable to let go of the one last mystery he never completely solved. 

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