Jaws Returns to Cinemas in June for 40th Anniversary

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In June 2015 the classic shark attack film made by legendary director and producer Steven Spielberg will be 40 years old. To celebrate the momentous milestone the hugely successful film will make its way back to the theaters across the entire country.

‘Jaws’ was the film responsible for bringing the tradition of summer movie blockbusters to life in 1975. The re-release of the film in theaters nationwide is being developed by Fathom Events and Turner Classic Movies. The film about a killer shark which consumed many innocent swimmers will soon grace the big screen once again where it once shocked and dazzled the audience at the time.

According to reports ‘Jaws’ will be screened in about 500 theaters all across US staring from the 21st of June. The screening s will start after a special event to celebrate the 40th milestone featuring a presentation by Ben Mankiewicz the TCM host, showing a context-setting introduction to the killer shark. 

In 1975 ‘Jaws’ was the film which brought Steven Spielberg to prominence when the horror-thriller awed and scared people with its original theme on the big screen and set the trend of a summer blockbuster movie which is the norm of Hollywood now. ‘Jaws’ was also the reason a new kind of fear came into existence; Galeophobia, the fear of sharks due to the pulse pounding cinematic experience. 

A re-release of a classic film is also a great way for the Studio to keep on cashing in the classic films in its vault. The anniversary special screenings allows the younger generation to experience the films which redefined the face of cinema with their approach decades ago and attained the title of classic. 

Jaws screenings will take place at 2 and 7 p.m. on June 21 and June 24. Check out the Fathom Events website to get tickets.


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