Avengers: Age of Ultron stars talk about Female Representation

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The bigger the movie, the bigger the promotions. The upcoming Marvel Avengers: Age of Ultron cast is busy with a hectic press tour for the movie and it seems to be getting to their heads.

While they seem to be smiling and laughing and acting all happy in the interviews, it seems they are spreading themselves too thin. Giving various interviews, the actors slip up once in a while and the all too expecting media are just waiting to pounce on their every word.

While giving an interview to Reuters, Chris Evans (Captain America) and Chris Hemsworth (Thor) were asked about female representation in superheroes movies. Both the actors had to collect themselves.

They had to joke around with each other before Chris found some inspiration in his own mother and wife and said that he was all for re-casting the Avengers as an all-female cast because women are smarter.

He answered the question for both of them it seemed saying that women should rule the world. Chris’s views and answers plus his appreciation for his mum and wife might have been Chris Evans saving grace in one interview.

Paired up with Jeremy Renner didn’t work out so well though when asked about Scarlett’s character ‘Black Widow’s’ romantic hesitation towards both their character Captain America and Hawkeye.

Jeremy just blurted out that it was because she was a ‘slut’ and Chris just added to the insult by calling her a ‘whore’. Both the actors’ comments were heavily criticized for being sexist and insulting. Jeremy’s publicist apologized on his behalf about the comments labeling them as a ‘bad joke’. 

It’s obvious that the men in Avengers definitely need to put their feminist point of views in perspective before they go into interviews and answer the questions they come to regret later.


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