Robert Downey Jr. Walks Out of Interview

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Celebrities often complain about the lack of diverse questions that they get asked while they are doing media blitzes for their movies. The Avengers cast has said this in the past, especially when they talk about their outfits and their childhoods. However, they get most annoyed when they are questioned about their personal lives. For one of the start in particular, Robert Downey Jr., his recent interview with Britain’s Channel 4 turned on the reporter when the questions became too personal and the star walked out.

The chat between the two start well enough, with some of the generic questions that the star probably answered a few times already that day. However, things became awkward when the interviewer started talking about, and poking fun at, Downey’s past, including his drug addiction, his relationship with his father, and his jail time. When the conversation turned to politics, Downey asked rather sarcastically, “Are we promoting a movie?”

This isn’t the first time the interviewer has done this, having done the same thing with director Quentin Tarantino. 

See the full interview below:


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