DC Comics tries to break a Guinness World Record, DCCU drops a few bombshells

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DC Comic fans united for a 24-hour-marathon of cosplay in effort to set a new Guinness World Record. Thousands gathered across the globe to promote favorites characters like Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, The Green Lantern, Robin, and Supergirl.

The event started in Queensland, Australia on April 18, 2015, and ended in Los Angeles, California. Other locations throughout the marathon included London, Rome and Paris. Even a few unexpected spots like Sao Paulo (Brazil), Smallville Museum Plano (Illinois), and Kaohsiung (Taiwan). The official number will available soon.

Fans gathered and discussed the location events on Twitter and Facebook under the DCWorldRecord hashtag.

“Thanks to all the fans of DC Comics Super Heroes around the world who joined us to set a world record—a record that celebrates the power and appeal of these iconic characters,” said Brad Globe, President of Warner Bros. Consumer Products.  Warner Bros. owns DC Comics.

The record event ties in with the increasing news and gossip on the various DC Cinametic Universe properties.

Earlier this week, Jared Leto teased fans with a Snapchat image of his Joker make up. Some critics and fans are unsure if the half-done make up is the full look or not for the Suicide Squad movie. DC Entertainment, the visual media arm of the comic book company, has been coy in letting fans see outfits.

The Verge notes Leto did a similar shoot to Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke, where the Joker paralyzes Batgirl. And the site points out that with over a year until Suicide Squad premieres, there will probably be a lot of social media posts on the topic. On top of that, those a little hesitant over Oscar winner’s capabilities should remember that Heath Ledger faced a lot of detractors in The Dark Knight Rises as well.



This week also revealed that the solo Wonder Woman movie will no longer be directed by Michelle MacLaren. Instead Patty Jenkins will be taking over the position. Variety reports that multiple sources said that MacLaren’s vision was vastly different than studio’s. Since Gal Gadot won the role and the idea of a solo movie was announced, there’s been a divide among fans—especially over her origins.

Some of the claims also focus on MacLaren’s lack of experience running a movie over television or smaller projects. However, that’s somewhat divisive since Jenkins experience is very similar to MacLaren’s. Reports of different time periods and expectations surfaced, too. MacLaren wanted more action-driven, like Batman and Superman properties, while the studio wanted more character-driven.

Apparently, a compromise of both elements aren’t possible in a big-budget Hollywood film.

According to the same sources, the studio is looking to cast Wonder Woman’s love interest in the next several days. Of course, it’s easy to wonder if a love interest should be a main focus right now since the director needs to be caught up on what’s already happened.

Not to mention the fact almost five writers other than Jason Fuchs have been added for reworking and testing different scenarios. The lack of faith in the studio has female comic fans wondering if the studio is purposely torpedoing the project since they’re not the target demographic.



Lynda Carter, the most iconic actress to portray the Amazonian princess, told Entertainment Weekly that she would “love to be involved in a creative position” because women understand women. While she wouldn’t want a cameo role, the idea of some kind of torch being passed and a real role to transition would be welcome.

She also insists “you don’t need some ridiculous, involved thing if you’re telling the story of this amazing female.” Wonder Woman’s history speaks for itself and trying to create too much only detracts from the capable, intelligent character.

Overall, between the Guinness World Record and film news, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. are aiming to deflate some of Marvel’s promotion for Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Maybe it’ll work. But DC has to be careful because comic book fans can be very unforgiving if care isn’t taken with a well-loved universe.

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