A 13-year-old debuts as designer at NY fashion week

Credit: Getty Images

New York, Sep 13 (IANS) At the age of 13, when most kids struggle to finish their homework or hang out with friends, Isabella Rose Taylor has made her debut as a designer at the prestigious New York Fashion Week.

The fashion gala, held here Sep 4-11, saw the Texas-based Taylor showcasing her designs on the finale day.

“I think it went really well! I was very nervous. Nervous and excited, but a lot of people really liked the show, and I got a really good response from it, so that was really amazing,” she told ABC News.

Taylor began designing clothes after taking a sewing class at eight and realised the selling potential when people started approaching her on the street, asking where she bought her outfits from.

Not only her debut in fashion week at such an young age, she started stocking her clothes at US retailer Nordstrom when she was just 12. She launched her eponymous fashion line when she was all nine, selling it online from her website.

Taylor is said to have graduated from high school aged 11. She is currently in her second year of studies at Austin Community College.

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