Lambert finds caring for shelter dogs 'rewarding'

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Los Angeles, July 25 (IANS) Singer Miranda Lambert finds it “rewarding” to care for six shelter dogs, who stay with her. She is ready to house more pets.

She currently has Waylon, Bellamy, Cher, Delta Dawn, Jessi and Black Betty.

“I have a little plaque in my house that says – ‘There is always room for one more dog’,” Lambert told

The 30-year-old has been rescuing stray dogs since she was a little girl. But for her husband, “The Voice” coach Blake Shelton, six dogs seem enough for now.

“Bellamy is the last one I adopted. My husband loves the Bellamy Brothers, so I figured naming him that might soften the blow of a sixth puppy,” she said.

Caring for six dogs can be overwhelming, isn’t it?

“Sometimes,” said Lambert, and added: “But it’s also rewarding. They just love you unconditionally and know that you saved them and gave them a better life.”

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