Kickin' It in Theaters with The Martial Arts Kid and Heavy Hitters Against Bullying

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Monmouth, NJ, May 15, 2014 –(– Along the way to the silver screen with a new project "The Martial Arts Kid," Traditionz Movie 1 Production Company takes a socially responsible step by dedicating the film to help knockout bullying. Partnering with "BULLYING…We're Kickin' It" a national non-profit organization that carries the name of former undefeated heavyweight Rocky Marciano and has numerous hard hitting supporters who help spread the charity's mission. Former Boxing Champion "Merciless" Ray Mercer, UFC Legend Dan Severn, MMA Athlete Phillipe Nover support Kickin It along with 11-time Kickboxing Champion Don Wilson, who will also star in the film alongside another hard hitter, 5-time World Karate Champion Cynthia Rothrock.

"To create a movie that resonates with teens and everyday struggles is an important project, but what happens when the movie ends?" states Cheryl Wheeler-Duncan, co-producer of "The Martial Arts Kid."

"Film topics can really put the spotlight on social challenges and problems such as bullying. We have a responsibility as filmmakers to take the action a step further and provide a direction for viewers and kids to turn to when the movie is over. BULLYING…We're Kickin It is a powerful resource in the fight to alleviate bullying. We are proud to be aligned with them!" -Wheeler-Duncan

Headquartered in Monmouth, NJ, Kickin It helps to bring national awareness to bullying, an ever growing epidemic that continues to plague our youth by providing projects and resources to schools. The Kickin It Kids Anti-bullying & Leadership Center embraces children beginning at the preschool level and supports them throughout their school and social journey.

The Kickin’ It Kids Center aims to build character and respectful social behaviors, providing children with healthy ways to redirect negative feelings, stresses and emotions by offering positive outlet programs along with (age appropriate) martial arts and body building workshops introduced at the preschool level.

Part of Kickin Its growth strategy is aligning with unique projects and celebrity supporters from all walks of life, securing the support from reality stars of Hells Kitchen and NBCs "The Voice" to UFC Athletes and legendary actors like Cary Tagawa, Martin Kove and Michael Jai White who all also happen to be high ranking real-life martial artists. It certainly seems fitting for this charity to be uniting with a project titled "The Martial Arts Kid."

The Martial Arts Kid is a coming-of-age movie for the whole family; highlighting important topics teens experience such as insecurities, fitting in, bullying, peer pressure, friendship, loyalty, responsibility, family, community, and love. The movie team is committed to bringing to the big screen a message of good morals, integrity and making the right choices in life.

Wilson and Rothrock play aunt and uncle to their unruly and troubled nephew Robbie after the death of his mother. In an effort to channel his anger and rage to overcome various struggles teens experience, they begin to teach Robbie martial arts; as martial arts offers many benefits to trainees, including improving physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, resulting in higher self-confidence, focus, discipline and inner peace.

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BULLYING….We're Kickin It® is created to empower and inspire childrens’ creativity, imagination, self-expression, passion, dreams and aspirations, positively impacting them to overcome negative obstacles that would inhibit them from developing into strong, intervention strategies, faculty & bus driver support, in-service workshops to create peaceful classrooms, parent/guardian workshops, mentoring & social media support; to help improve the overall social and school climate, ensuring all students have a safe and healthy school and social experience. Aimed to reduce bullying behavior, improve the overall school and social climate, providing our youth with the strategies to balance self-confidence, take responsibility of their own actions and to positively intervene to help others.

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