British spend 3.2 bn pound a year on flimsy shopping

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London, Sep 22 — Shopping can be a great stress buster for many. According to a survey, British nationals can spend as much as 3.8 billion pounds annually to improve their mood.

A research by has found out that a lot of people buy things like clothes, shoes and handbags, which they don’t need, to just pamper themselves, reports

An average wardrobe might hold unworn clothes worth 92 pounds and are piled up by women because of their emotional tendencies.

The research reveals that women fall prey to temptation more often than men, and spend an average of 92 pounds on guilty purchase, while men spend up to 70 pounds.

“We’ve all been guilty of making a flimsy excuse to buy something we know we don’t need – and we’ve all felt that shame afterwards when we realise we’ve wasted cash on something that will just end up at the back of your wardrobe,” said Anita Naik, consumer editor,

Top 10 impulse-buy excuses:

– I’m feeling really down so I deserve a treat.

– I’ve just been paid so I deserve a treat.

– There’s only one left in my size, it’s meant to be.

– ‘I’ve had a terrible day and this will make up for it.

– If I buy this in a smaller size it will encourage me to slim into it.

– My life will be better because of it.

– All my friends have this and I’ll look silly if I don’t.

– If I buy this, it will make the other things I own better.

– Everyone’s seen me in all my things on Facebook, so I have to buy something new.

– I’m too embarrassed to say no to the sales assistant.


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