LXXX8 Productions Debuts Film Lineup

LXXX8 Productions Debuts a 7 film lineup that will be released in the next year.

Aug 18 2013, 3:14am CDT | by PR.com

New York, NY, August 18, 2013 --(PR.com)-- LXXX8, an up and coming entertainment production company has announced its 7 film lineup for the next 12 months. All of the films have been pitched in house and details are still under wraps for the interim. It has been announced that John Nation, one of the 2 company founders, the other being Jules Allman will be overseeing the complete production of all 7 films. Details of who is directing each film has yet to be announced. Without further adieu here are the films in order of their release.

The Trilogy (Working Title)- details of “The Trilogy” are currently under lock and key, the 3 film’s are set to be filmed in the fall at several parks and released at the end of this year. A release date has yet to be set. LXXX8 said, “The Trilogy is an excellent 3 film platform project to debut our packaged work in a dramatic and packaged form, when viewers see these films, their reaction afterwards will be as important as it unfolds before their eyes in a gruesome yet tranquil dreamscape before their eyes.”

Cold Hearted Girl- Produced by Taylor Grace, Jules Allman and John Nation will be shot on a closed set in the fall. The film’s poster has been released alongside a teaser with the film’s theme song. LXXX8 said, “'Cold Hearted Girl' will be the perfect way to debut LXXX8’s stance on real world issues alongside a teen girl’s drama filled life which comes to an abrupt halt after one mistake in the forest.”

Little Notes- Produced by John Nation, all details have been declared on lockdown to prevent leaking information of this film. This film is expected to be John Nation’s most critically acclaimed work of 2014. LXXX8 did not comment on Little Notes, they released a poster alongside this announcement with a release date of Summer 2014.

Red Light District- Produced by the entire LXXX8 team will be shot throughout the year, the majority of it next July. The film is a documentary of phenomenon occurring along the beaches of the east coast United States. Details from the documentary have also been put on lockdown to prevent leaking information of what the team is actually studying and releasing next Fall.

Dawn Of Dark- Produced by John Nation, Taylor Grace and Abby Kaffy is a horror film that was recently purchased from now defunct Orbit Productions. The poster of Dawn Of Dark was released back in June with positive feedback. LXXX8 would not say when the film was coming out, instead said, “Look out for eleven twelve thirteen, all that is evil may not be seen.”

Posters of the films have been released via the LXXX8 twitter account “@LXXX8” and teasers have and will be released on the Youtube account LXXX8 and instagram account @LXXX8 in the coming weeks.

LXXX8 is an up and coming entertainmnet production company office based out of New York City, New York. The Production company is headed by a board of members including but not limited to John Nation ,Taylor Grace, Jules Allman and Abby Kaffy. The company will release more news in the coming months regarding all of the films.

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