Seth Rogen ate poo for movie

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Seth Rogen eats poo in his new film ‘This Is the End’.

The American horror-comedy – written and directed by Seth with Evan Goldberg – has many hilarious moments, but some of the scenes went too far and had to be cut from the cinema edit.

Talking about one such scene, Seth said: ”Here’s a spoiler for you: Eating poo. When faecophilia gets out of hand, it’s messy.”

Although there are a number of crude scenes in the film, Seth found them all ”just funny”, but admitted: ”I do pee in my own face in this movie. Now that’s pretty gross.”

The actor is renowned for his sense of humour and being one of the nicest guys in the industry but has previously insisted he also has to have a nasty side to succeed.

He told Nuts magazine: ”Oh, I’ve had to motherf**k a few people every now and then. [Los Angeles is] a relationship driven city in a lot of ways, and [movies] a relationship driven industry. If you’re perceived as someone who’s always happy, then you won’t get treated as carefully as someone who might go ballistic every now and then.”

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