Gemma Arterton broke Famke's ribs

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Gemma Arterton broke Famke Janssen’s ribs while shooting their new movie.

The pair star together in ‘Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters’ and the the 27-year-old actress was shocked when she realised the damage she had caused her co-star during filming of the fantasy action adventure.

She said: ”I cracked Famke’s ribs in a fight [scene] we did. ”She didn’t tell me at the time, she was very good about it. Afterwards she said, ‘You broke my rib!’ Things like that happen.”

Gemma – who stars in the film with Jeremy Renner, playing adult versions of the classic fairytale characters who have grown up to become bounty hunters – didn’t escape filming unscathed, and admits she was ”bruised and battered” as a result of putting her all into scenes – and relied on pain reliever Arnica to get her through the physical aspects of the movie.

She added in an interview with DigitalSpy: ”I remember just overdosing on it. Even if you’re just doing a punch, your neck can get thrown out. It was sort of a gauge of how hard you worked that day if you couldn’t move the next day!”

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